How Much Exercise do You Need? And What Kind?

How much exercise do you need and what kind? According to a link provided by the Department of Health and Human Services the average adult needs approx. two and a half hours of moderate intensity aerobic activity every week and two or more days of muscle strengthening activities. References to how much exercise you need, and what kind are referring to the adult of average health. In all exercises give heed to muscle flexibility and tenseness of muscles. If doing formal exercises make sure you have a warm up period and ease your way into strenuous activities or exercise.

What is Aerobic Activity or Exercise?

  • According to the on-line dictionary aerobic activity or exercise is something which increases the need for oxygen. Aerobic exercise or activity like jumping around, climbing stairs or dancing. It gets your blood flowing, or your heart beating faster. Shoveling snow would also be a good example of aerobic activity or exercise. You might label this as cardiovascular exercising.

What is a Muscle Strengthening Activity or Exercise?

  • Muscle strengthening activity or exercise is whenever you use any of the muscles in your body.
    Walking is a form of muscle strengthening or exercise. Every time you get into your car or out of your car you are strengthening your muscles.

Examples of Aerobic Exercise That Will Meet “ How Much Exercise Do You Need? And What Kind?”

  • Dancing is a fun exercise, and one song of vigorous dancing a day would more then meet your requirements.
  • Walking up and down a flight of stairs at a rapid but safe pace is an excellent wait to get your blood flowing. Once up a flight of stairs and once down, a couple of times a week is enough. If you have to walk up stairs several times a day in your house, you are really fortunate.
  • Do a daily jog to work off some of the dinner. Once to the end of the block and back is enough to get your heart rate up. Always use caution. If you feel exhausted, rest or cease the activity.
  • Join the family in a game of softball or table tennis. Play Tag or Hide and Seek. Get up, move around and enjoy life.wearing weights

Examples of Muscle Strengthening Exercises That Will Meet

“ How Much Exercise Do You Need? And What Kind?”

  • The most obvious form of muscle strengthening exercise is weight lifting or  as you go about your daily activities. If you have a weight bench and weights, make sure you you warm up before lifting weights. Slowly add more weight. Also there are smaller weights that a person can use. There are even weights that you can wear on your ankle.
  • When you go about your everyday life, there are many ways do muscle strengthening exercises. Always be careful when you lift something, and use proper lifting techniques.

When you are carrying groceries from the car, you are doing muscle strengthening. When you are carrying your toddler you are doing muscle strengthening. If you have a habit of carrying your child on one side, make sure you switch sides often. Always use good posture. Learn to distribute weight you are lifting and carrying to use your whole body evenly with out too much stress on any one given area.

Opportunities To Exercise Are Part of Life, Exercise Is All Around Us

Leading a life where you go out and do things for recreation should provide adequate exercise for the average healthy person. If you have a specific goal in mind such as body building, or weight loss, then you might have to go on a special exercise program like Walking For Weight Loss. A lot of times nutrition can help with weight loss. Get up and do stuff, go to the store, mow the lawn, it is all exercise.

How much exercise do you need? And what kind? Just lead an active life style and you will get enough exercise.

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