Walking For Weight Loss

Walking for weight loss is an often thought of as a tried and true method of exercise that has been promoted fairly heavily by some in recent years. The real understanding behind walking for weight loss, however, is generally not known by the general public looking to lose weight.

The problem with walking for weight loss as a way of burning fat is that it is not really a cardio exercise that will push the body to lose weight. In order to understand why this is so, you need to understand the common physiology of thermogenics.

Thermogenics refers to the process where the body raises its temperature during aerobic exercises to a high enough rate so that the raising of the body temperature leads to burning fat. Running is a great example of an exercise that generates heat and raises the temperature of the body quickly.

Swimming, on the other hand, is one of the worst examples of thermogenics because being submerged in water makes the raising of body temperature almost impossible as heat is lost very quickly into the water.

This does not mean that walking for weight loss is not a good idea. You just need to combine it with other more intense workouts as soon as you are able.

Walking For Weight Loss

If you walk long distances often, then there will be a reduction in the number of calories and that will lead to weight loss, but, you will never develop the muscle definition that running or sprinting will deliver if you only stick to walking.

Another thing to consider is that walking long distances can lead to the body completely burning up muscle for fuel which is not something you want to do. Fat is what we are trying to get rid of, not muscle.

So what is so bad about burning muscle when walking for weight loss? Well, if you start to lose muscle and the fat remains, unfortunately you will look like a smaller fat person rather than larger fat person!

Bear in mind that muscle aids the fat burning process. It burns up calories in order to repair itself or grow. The last thing you want to do is lose muscle mass and hurt your chances of losing weight quickly.

So be smart about the way you walk for weight loss. Don’t walk a marathon but combine it with more intense workouts. If not, it can be counterproductive.

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